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Outside the Box, Part 2

This was originally published in 2007 but the story remains the same.   “It’s not the gun, it’s the gunner.” Do you believe that? Judging by our bleeding obsession with clubs I’m guessing not. Square heads, movable weights, boxer hybrid shaping, high modulus stabilization ribs, precision trimmer blades, color-safe bleach… Ugh. Somehow thinking about all …

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No Prisoners! – Bill Bales

Author’s note: This appeared in the blog “The Next 500 Years” in 2007. The messages remain the same. In 1989 Sir David Lean’s Lawrence of Arabia was re-released, twenty-six years after having won the 1962 Academy Award for Best Picture, Best Director, and five others. At the time, my town had one magnificent super-sized widescreen …

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Liv and Let Liv – Fred Dobbs

As we all know, the information superhighway is rife with sloppy writing, emotional subjectivity, and misinformation. That’s our world, but the advantages of the Web certainly seem to outweigh the disadvantages. I am definitely getting a little worn out with the countless articles and op-eds about LIV Golf presented by ignorami–including in the mainstream golf …

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The Final Nine

The Final Nine by Fred Dobbs Now that I’m in decline I almost never sleep past 6 a.m. The only exception is when I absolutely must get up. This morning was one of those times. My alarm reliably sounded at the appointed hour, and I do remember hitting the snooze button. But I fell into …

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