Bill Bales

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Club Fitting

It has been gratifying to see club fitting come to the fore in mainstream golf. Twenty years ago few thought about getting fit. We didn’t have dedicated club-fitting stores. Golf Digest didn’t rate the top 100 club fitters. All that has changed, and club fitting is seeing 20% annual growth rates. Cool stuff. But it’s …

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The Customer Experience

There’s a pretty good “sci-fi” book called Ender’s Game where a young boy is recruited into a special long term military training program that seeks one person to lead the world and save the universe. The training involves “gamified” military exercises, plus extensive training via video games. Still very young, Ender is challenged to succeed in a new …

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When I was a kid, Zorro was my favorite hero.  The lone ranger was a close second.  Both wore black masks and did good things.  We kids were inspired. I’m in the golf simulator business for the second time, after a semi-hiatus.  We’ve made it clear we see how the industry is changing–a lot.  But …

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Let’s talk about simulators.   And by that, I mean indoor golf simulators. Silly me, when I started AboutGolf in 2002 I didn’t love the term “simulator”.  Webster’s Dictionary defined “simulate” as “fake”. Just looking it up online the first definition is “to give or assume the appearance or effect of often with the intent to …

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