It’s Not About Time

It’s Not About Time I used to get sucked into the common misconception that golf’s failure to grow–ever–has been related to the fundamental of time. I used to harp on the fact that the XYZ generations increasingly parse their time into smaller and smaller segments and an 18 hole round of golf just doesn’t fit …

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Traffic I’ve been doing the math and by my calculation there are 4,234,194 drivers in the United States that still don’t know you can turn right on red. This actually comes as no surprise to me, even though it’s been legal in all fifty states and the District of Columbia since 1980. The fact is, …

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Golf like a child

Life is not always as it seems… Okay, that’s pretty trite… No, it’s cliché And the problem with anything cliché is that it is perceived as trite. And anything trite is perceived as having no relevance. The contradiction here is that if it’s cliché, it is VERY relevant. A bird in the hand IS worth two …

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The Fit

“It’s not the gun, it’s the gunner.” Do you believe that? Judging by our bleeding obsession with clubs I’m guessing not. Square heads, movable weights, boxer hybrid shaping, high modulus stabilization ribs, precision trimmer blades, color-safe bleach… Ugh. Somehow thinking about all these options hearkens that scene in Monty Python’s “Meaning of Life” when the …

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