The Reintermediation of the Club Pro by Bill Bales, Clarity.Golf Founder Harrogate, England – The lot of club pros in the United

It’s Not About Time I used to get sucked into the common misconception that golf’s failure to grow–ever–has been related to the

CLARITY.GOLF FOUNDER BILL BALES’ REFLECTS ON THE PGA SHOW   JANUARY 31, 2023 Holland, Ohio – At the 2008 Tournament of Champions event, Founder Bill Bales discusses Clarity.Golf’s all-lady advisory board Harrogate, England – Clarity.Golf Inc., arguably indoor golf’s most innovative concern, has established an

Northeast Golf, December 2022-January 2023   Indoor golf and golf entertainment facilities are the fastest growing sector in golf today. Discover the

Clarity.Golf Announces Alliance With FeedbacK Coach AI   FeedbacK Coach AI PGA Show Debut Will Set New Standard In AI Markerless Body

Traffic I’ve been doing the math and by my calculation there are 4,234,194 drivers in the United States that still don’t know

Life is not always as it seems… Okay, that’s pretty trite… No, it’s cliché And the problem with anything cliché is that it

“It’s not the gun, it’s the gunner.” Do you believe that? Judging by our bleeding obsession with clubs I’m guessing not. Square

Antarctica to me is the last bastion of purity in our rapidly shrinking world. It’s a dream. I hope I never get