Microsoft Golf 1998 Edition Friendly Software

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The main differences for the 1998 version of MS Golf compared to its predecessor are the enhanced graphics and sounds.

In this version, there are three 18-holes courses, the Bay Harbour Golf Club, Casa de Campo Links, and Teeth of the Dog, and a 9-holes course, The Preserve Nine, making it 63 playable holes in all. The game is highly configurable: each match can for example be played with ten difficulty settings, ten different scoring variations including stroke and match play, skins, scramble, bingo bango bongo, and teams. Other configuration options include customizing the player, changing the weather conditions, using a two or three-click system to control the swing, playing the full course, the front nine, back nine, or practice holes, and much more.

Each hole has a fly-by preview to aid the golfer and there are optional windows such as the vertical view which gives a bird’s eye view of the hole and the flight of the ball.

Multiplayer games are possible via a direct modem link, network LAN, and the internet over the Internet Gaming Zone which the in-game help describes as “a site on the World Wide Web that connects, or “matches up”, players from all over the world for various types of computer games”.

The CD contains a folder called ‘Goodies’ in which there are alternate models for the golfers (these have to be installed manually), Windows NT4 Service Pack 3 (required for multiplayer gaming under that operating system), and Microsoft System Information (a tool for gathering system configuration information to help Product Support engineers solve system related problems).