Bill Bales (Clarity.Golf photo)

Bill Bales likes the changes he sees taking place in the world of indoor golf and wants to contribute further to its growth and evolution through his new company Clarity.Golf.

Bales’ first indoor golf company AboutGolf forever changed the industry. Bales introduced radar to indoor golf in 2002, then introduced machine vision in 2008, and went on to be the first with simulators to integrate seamless screens, sophisticated video systems, force plates, online competition, and countless other innovations.

Clarity.Golf is offering complimentary consulting expertise at all levels for indoor simulator buyers and has a team in place with full capabilities to plan, design, produce, install, service and update fully aggregated systems.

“Initially, we will focus on two top tier technologies we feel are the best the industry has to offer, but we provide objective advice and the right introductions for any combination of simulator technology one chooses,” said Bales.

Clarity.Golf also has assembled a team and a physical facility to produce indoor golf simulator enclosures and screens.

“We wrote the book on enclosure design and our team includes folks who were there with me from the beginning.  We have established a line of custom options of the highest quality for the absolute best prices–and our warranty is the best in the industry,” Bales said.

“If you visit, you’ll see a very loud and clear message that Clarity.Golf can be one’s resource for ‘all things indoor golf’.  As well, you’ll see that we’re not pulling any punches when it comes to our belief that the industry today contains a lot of high-priced vapour and a lack of clarity on the various products. We will change that.”

About Clarity.Golf
Clarity.Golf ( is a new golf technology company focusing on the world of launch monitors, simulators, and related technologies.  Clarity.Golf’s team is made up of prime movers within the indoor golf industry.  Clarity.Golf intends to educate the markets about the realities of the industry, the technologies, and the cost structures.

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