Clarity.Golf provides you with the knowledge to achieve your simulator dream...


Clarity will assist you in making the correct technology and design choices to ensure you get the best indoor golf simulator experience possible. Our team have introduced or advanced most of the meaningful technology in the modern history of simulators.

Clarity.Golf will help you avoid the pitfalls that come with designing and building an indoor golf simulator. We empower you to make the best plan possible. Clarity can assist with design, production, delivery, installation, and ongoing support.

This is where your dreams become reality! here’s what some of our customers have to say:


Bill Bales, Clarity.Golf Founder

Clarity.Golf is a lifestyle company. Our team have come together not to be Wall Street phenoms, but because we love what we do. We love serving our customers, and we love being better than anyone else.


It all starts with a conversation...

We provide a wide range of models and configuration options. Our team has been innovating both free standing enclosures and high end custom architectural planning for nearly two decades.

Clarity Professional

Clarity Professional represents our fully-featured indoor golf simulator. Providing everything you need for a top end indoor golf experience. Clarity Professional utilizes the highest performance trackers and software on the market. Add in our premium materials and craftsmanship and you have a simulator that will make you the envy of all your friends!

Clarity Light

Clarity Light is our most portable and budget friendly category of indoor golf simulators. The added ability to take your launch monitor to the range or backyard allows for detailed outdoor shot tracking. Clarity Light is a small footprint indoor golf simulator that takes it's design cues from our higher-end Professional series.

Clarity Mirage

Clarity Mirage is the ultimate indoor golf experience, blurring the lines between simulation and reality. Step into a room where you are instantly immersed in the view of the first tee. Clarity Mirage has no visible technology, and utilizes the latest technologies to provide an unparalleled golf atmosphere. It is not an illusion, it is Clarity Mirage.

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